What’s best for your business — Facebook or Twitter?

Tech leader Jeff Pulver makes the case that businesses need to talk with customers to build relationships with them and that Twitter is better than Facebook for that.

Jeff’s point, as you’ll see and hear in the video from his #140conf road trip visit to Dayton Ohio on Sunday, August 22, is that Facebook is a closed network and therefore less valuable for businesses.

I agree with Jeff that businesses should use social media to connect with customers, but not just for the sake of talking or because it’s the cool thing to do. Any and all activity online ought to be focused on building relationships that make the cash register ring.

Facebook (and specifically a FB fan page) is one of those places where it’s worth spending your business’ time and money to talk with customers. Jeff’s correct that Facebook is a closed network in the sense that people must be FB users and to have “liked” your fan page before you can reach them. Jeff argues that makes Twitter a better choice for businesses because your Twitter profile and updates can be more easily found in search.

What Jeff didn’t say is that Facebook fan pages are seen and read by the search engines. Your business fan page can be found in search, so it should be one of the tools you regularly use to talk with your customers — and people who you want to meet because they could be customers.

And, thanks much to Cynthia DeVelvis for sharing this and her other video from the #140conf road trip stop at Blind Bob’s in the Oregon District in Dayton.

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