Find, hire employees at the speed of Twitter

844460_39845064How fast can you hire an employee?

Grant Coffman did it within three days of finding a strong candidate using Twitter, the web-based communications tool.

Fast enough for you?

Grant is a registered financial services representative and division leader at Primerica in Sharonville Ohio who needed to fill a spot on his sales team in the northern Cincinnati suburbs. We met on a Monday morning to introduce social media and covered basics about how he might begin to use Twitter as part of networking to get to know people and build relationships that might turn them into customers.

“I went right in and told my boss that we needed to start using this,” Grant says.

By Wednesday of that week, Grant had begun searching for other Twitter users in the Cincinnati area. Knowing that he needed candidates to consider, he made a point of looking for people who identified themselves as looking for work or recently laid off.  He met another Twitter user, struck up an online conversation about where he had worked and what type of job he sought.  Those tweets led to the more traditional phone conversation, review of resume and background, and then Grant scheduled an in-person interview.

By Friday, Grant liked what he saw and heard and hired the guy to join his sales team the following week.

Fast enough for you?

Using Twitter accelerated Grant’s search for candidates by at least two weeks, he says. He skipped the usual steps of placing help-wanted ads in newspapers and on jobs web sites. With help from social networking, Grant identified a candidate, interviewed the candidate, offered the job and scheduled the new employee’s first day in what he says is less time than it would take to write and order help-wanted ads.

“And I didn’t have to sort through all those resumes from people who wouldn’t be right for the position anyway,” Grant says.

He sped up his search for job candidates, saved money on search costs and added an employee to his sales team more quickly than he expected if he had used traditional methods to identify job seekers.

Ask Grant and he’ll tell you using Twitter for business is better than fast enough.

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