We’ve Moved to Our New Home Online

January 7, 2014

photo of new website homepage, CelekMediaConsulting.com 2014It’s been a long time coming and I’m happy to announce that ChrisCelek.com is going away.

I’m not. In fact, Celek Media Consulting is growing strong and I’m excited about the opportunities that we’re already working on in 2014. This month, we mark our fifth anniversary in business. That’s way cool, but that also means our website is five years old. It looks like it, and so early in the new year we’re getting rid of the old and ringing in the new.

You will now find us online at CelekMediaConsulting.com.

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Best way to spend your Friday morning

October 9, 2013

Also Friday morning …

That’s at 10:30 a.m. Starting the day at 8 a.m. and hope you join me:

3 best things to do on Linkedin that drive your business. I’ll share them Friday 8 am at B2B MAX Centerville”

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Do you sell to women? Are you connected with them on Facebook?

September 28, 2013

Women in MeetingWhen ever a business owner says to me, “I don’t use Facebook and I don’t plan to use it”, I ask them how many of their customers are women.

Next question: How many of the people you want to become new customers are women? And, then, do these prospects use Facebook?

Facebook users are 53 percent female and 47 percent male. If your goal is to connect with women, then consider not whether you want to use Facebook but whether your customers do and do they expect to meet you and learn about your business on Facebook, too.

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