#140conf big draw with big names in Dayton

Thanks to tech leader Jeff Pulver for bringing his #140conf road trip to Dayton on Sunday, Aug. 22.

Why Dayton? Because we asked. Here’s the scene:

Actually, Pulver — a co-founder of Vonage and one of the guys who created the tools to make telephone calls over the Internet, asked on Twitter for volunteers to host his summer tour through the Midwest on his way to the Oct. 20 #140conf in Detroit.

Gerard Mclean, CEO of Rivershark in Englewood, responded first and alerted his online connections in the Dayton area. I promised to show Pulver where the Air Force keeps the aliens at Wright Patt. That got his attention but Pulver already was familar with Dayton and quickly agreed to stop here. He’s been a ham radio operator since he was a kid and begged his parents to bring him here for the annual Hamvention gathering of all things ham radio.

Pulver has never attended Hamvention, but made it to Blind Bob’s in Dayton’s Oregon District to meet and talk with 20-25 social media enthusiasts.

Thanks to @dogwalkblog and Rivershark for sharing the video.

Now, it’s on to Detroit.

One Response to #140conf big draw with big names in Dayton

  1. jamiefavreau says:

    Great stuff. Can’t wait to see you in Detroit!!

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