You can do this: Best ways to connect your business to customers with social media right now

0622090840Excellent advice at Podcamp Ohio 2 at The Ohio State University on Saturday, June 20 came from a designer, who I expected would share ideas for what makes a web site attractive and usable.

We got that from Daniel Lewis of D. Joseph Design in Northern Kentucky and more. His ideas for what to say on social media sites are perfect for what businesses want and need to do to connect with customers.

Most important thing for business people to know: These tips from Daniel apply regardless of the web site or online service you use. There are lots from which to choose now. And today’s most-popular — Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Flickr, among them — may not be what you’re using 12 months from now.

No matter.

Daniel uses social media to promote his businesses and community groups by focusing instead on the following straightforward approaches. Don’t worry about which web site to use. You’ll connect with customers if you use social media to do these:

  • Be interesting. Share information, insights. Be the first to provide it.
  • Don’t just feed your announcements or someone else’s news.
  • Go beyond the front page. Share behind-the-scenes info about your organization.
  • Share funny events from your business or community group.
  • Post pictures. Take lots at your events of your customers, employees and guests.
  • Ask and answer questions. Invite people to share ideas and help each other solve problems.
  • Play games with your customers. Create online contests to identify what’s in the photo or write a caption work well. Retweet, link to and publish your customers’ responses.
  • Offer rewards. Make discounts and coupons available to customers on Facebook fan pages or to those who follow you on Twitter.
  • Listen. Don’t make it all about you and your organization. Know what people are saying and respond when it’s about your business or you can help.

That’s obviously not all that it takes to use social media successfully to network, meet people and attract them as customers. But Daniel’s right. Focus on these and you and your business or group will do just fine.

3 Responses to You can do this: Best ways to connect your business to customers with social media right now

  1. Hi, Chris! I’m really glad that you got so much from my session at PodCamp Ohio! Thank you for the kind words. Make sure you watch my Twitter account because I’ll post my presentation soon, and send the audio to the PCO staff to post on PodCamp Ohio’s site.

  2. Chris,

    Thanks for the update here. All of those creative ideas by Daniel are good ones. No, they’re smart ones, I mean. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to join D. Lewis’s session because I was in learning more about Creative Commons. In fact, there was so much good stuff going on that I found myself bugg’n out and trying to get a little bit of several that were going on at the same time. Really a great Forum. Probably need more of that then once a year. Jim Sutter – Cincinnati

  3. Jay Scott says:

    Great advice from Daniel. It’s all about building relationships with customers and not the tools. If you’re genuine and open with people, good things will come your way. Thanks, Chris.

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