Make sure customers know where to find you

bizcardimageSometimes the old way is just good enough to get the job done.

So why don’t more business people put their social networking contact info on their business cards, brochures and all the pens, cups and magnets they hand out?  Just wondering.

No, actually, I’m more than wondering. At a B2B event this week, I met and traded information with 7 people. None of them listed their addresses for Linkedin or Twitter or Facebook. I picked up cards and handouts from another 14 businesses. None of them listed where to find them online, either.

All but one of the people I talked with said they use one or more of the social media and communications tools for work and personal purposes. So why not let people know?

Why not make it easy for customers and new contacts to connect with you? Why not help them follow you, friend you, listen or talk with you in any way they choose by giving them your online contact info on the handouts you’re already buying?

Don’t answer that now. Answer it the next time you order new business cards, a sales brochure or the goodies you’ll give out at the next trade show or expo.

One Response to Make sure customers know where to find you

  1. Chris,

    have you seen the social site that links them all together? XeeSM supports over 100 social sites and counting. I wanted to get your take on it.



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