At Dorothy Lane Market, social media equals ‘word of mouth’ with connections to customers

August 21, 2009

DLM home pageIt’s funny to read what the president & CEO wrote, if only because if you’ve ever shopped for bread, wine or seafood at Dorothy Lane Market, you get the message real fast that the grocery’s employees want to talk with you. They ask if you want that loaf of asiago cheese bread sliced, if you’ve considered the new summer rosé from one of their favorite French organic wineries, or if you’d like them to prepare a dinner of Crispy Dijon Tilapia for you.

So it’s funny, at least to me, that DLM boss Norman Mayne is surprised by how much his customers use social media, including Twitter and Facebook to talk with one another and with Dorothy Lane Market’s employees.

“Who knew that a short 140-character message could be so meaningful to so many people” Mayne wrote in his company’s August newsletter. Read the rest of this entry »

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