Put Google Places to work for your business for free

Celek Media Consulting example of Google Places page with map, coupon information.Among the tools Google offers for free to business are Places and Maps along with a nifty coupon service.

You want to take ownership of the information Google displays about your business in Google Maps by creating a Google account and claiming your business profile. Google will call or e-mail your business to confirm that you indeed represent the business. Google provides PIN that you enter online to authenticate your business account.

Then make sure that all of the information about your business is up to date, accurate, and includes the keywords you’ve identified about your business, products and services, location and customers to help improve your search ranking.

Celek Media Consulting Google Places business coupon example from the Google local business center free tools.The free service creates a directory listing that Google uses when customers search by business name, service or product, location and keywords. Google does not guarantee search rank but your business profile is used by Google to determine search results. So, it’s a good step to take to get the opportunity to be found in search.

You also can create and offer coupons that appear next to your business listing in Google Maps and other Google search results. This service also is free and it creates a unique redemption code and an expiration date for your sales campaign. Importantly, Google creates and displays web and mobile versions of your coupons so that you can encourage customers to redeem them in any way they choose.

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