Use photos to improve your search ranking

Cadillac Jacks Sports Bar and Grill Facebook fan page photo pageGoogle and the other search engines index all of the content of your Facebook fan page, so how you use photos matters for search ranking.

And, before you can meet and build relationships with customers, your business and your online presence have to be found. Actively and consistently updating your fan page will help you increase the opportunities to be found in searches and photos — among the most-popular content — should be a top priority for your business fan page.

The photos themselves cannot be searched. However, what can be searched — and what you should focus on, includes:

Celek Media Consulting Facebook fan page photo example• Change the file name of each photo before you upload it from the letters and numbers created by your digital camera. Replace it with your business or event name and date. Example: CelekMediaConsulting1Dayton.jpg

• Write a caption for each photo that includes the names of the people in the photo and a description of what theyʼre seen doing or of your event.

• Add tags with the names of the people in the photo. If theyʼre Facebook users, they will be alerted when you publish the photo. If theyʼre not Facebook users, you can tag them with their email address if you have it. This emails an alert to them and invites them to go to your fan page to see the photo.

• Share the photo gallery with customers and friends. Each gallery has a public link listed in it when you create the gallery. Copy it and email to anyone you want to see the photos.

3 Responses to Use photos to improve your search ranking

  1. Don Shurts says:

    Thanks for the info in this blog. I don’t know if I realized that photos help that much with Facebook. Our business fan page is Thanks again!

    • chriscelek says:

      Don, the fan page metrics will help show how your fans are using your page, including how much the media (photos and video) is viewed.

      The ability to share the photos is a big plus and I encourage you to invite your fans to share the link your photos with their fans and friends.

  2. Alan Harkley says:

    I had some problems viewing the site in Safari on the Mac, but I still loved the post.

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