Put the focus on your customers with photos

Kim Lyon Exciting Windows! Facebook fan page photosPhotos are among the most- popular content on web sites. You can use them to highlight your products and services, your employees, facilities and equipment.

You also want to use them to recognize your customers and how they use your products and services.

Take photos of customers when they visit your business or nonprofit.

Take photos when you sponsor events at your location or in your community.

Take photos of award winners and also show how you helped solve a problem for a customer or in your community.

Invite customers to share photos and enable them to post on your fan page.

Organize photos into galleries by event, date, product or service.Polo Grille Facebook fan page photo page example

To add photos to your Facebook fan page:

Go to the Photos tab, hit the Upload button and follow prompts. Photos can be uploaded from your computer desktop and most memory devices and digital cameras attached to your computer.

Facebook also makes it possible send photos from your cell phone. Under the page settings, you’ll find mobile activation options and an email address that’s unique to your fan page.

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