Interviewed by social media leader

March 21, 2009

ShaneBlogSiteYou never know where the next great ideas will be found. Often, they’re not where you expect, which is why it’s exciting for me to run into people like Shane Haggerty online.

Shane’s the PR director for a vocational high school and adult career education center in central Ohio. Not the first place many of  us might look for best practices for social media. But look more closely and you’ll find a leader who’s put Twitter, You Tube and Facebook, among others, to work on behalf of his school community. Just as important, he gives alot of his time to helping other school public relations directors, the Ohio Department of Education and community groups learn about social media, too.

What I like about Shane’s approach is that he’s made using social media a seamless part of his work, another way to communicate with students, parents and the community served by his school. We can all learn from watching how he does it.

So when Shane said in a direct message on Twitter that he’d like to interview me for his blog, I was honored and worried all at the same time. This guy is good at what he does; what, oh what can I share that’s new or helpful to him?

You be the judge. Read the rest of this entry »

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