Where to begin

Your daughter or son say it’s creepy that you want to be their Facebook friend. Don’t believe them. People over 25 now dominate the most-popular social networking site.

You should use Facebook for your business.

Same for Twitter, Linkedin, You Tube, Flicker and any of the dozens of other social media available on the Web and in mobile versions.

Why? That’s where your customers are, and that’s where the people and companies you want as new customers will be found.

What’s social media and why should you spend time on it?

Traditional media, including newspapers, TV, magazines along with advertising and public relations, broadcast information one way. They tell readers and viewers what the sender wants them to see and hear. Social media are the new, fast-growing homes for conversations in which networks of people share their ideas, questions, interests and knowledge. They’re talking about your business, or looking for the goods and services you sell.

What you need to know

These digital tools are not just for kids. Starbucks, Ford Motor Co., the American Red Cross, MSNBC and the Obama for President campaign successfully use social media to listen, engage and influence their audiences. We will help you learn how to do it, too.

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