Talking tech with Kentucky teachers who know way more than me about connecting with students

July 17, 2012


Here’s what I enjoy about spending the day in Louisville at the annual conference of the Kentucky Association of Career Technology Education. These teachers pick a grand location downtown, right on the Ohio River, and they pack a summer break’s worth of learning into barely two and a half days.

Among the session topics this year: “Beyond Social Networking: Key Tools to Establish Your Expertise with Parents, Students and Stakeholders”. That’s a mouthful and I did share and show the teachers ways that their peers use Twitter, Facebook, blogs, video and bookmarking to connect with students, moms and dads and other teachers. Read the rest of this entry »

Businesses will shift more marketing to video in 2012, because that’s what customers watch online

April 22, 2012

The typical Internet user in the United States spends seven hours a month watching videos on YouTube. Any wonder then that business leaders plan to shift a significant amount of their marketing budgets to web videos that showcase products and services, demonstrate how to use these products and services, offer how-to ideas and testimonials from satisfied customers.

In 2012, businesses have new opportunities to tell their stories to customers and potential new customers, who are online looking for information.

Many businesses already are creating and sharing videos. What have you seen that works well to show off a business’s products and services? Who shares videos that help customers learn how to use the business’s products and services?

What is it about a video that makes you want to contact the business directly?

Awesome Business Videos will help you tell your business story with expert editing at the right price.

Here’s something to bark about. DogWalkBlog spots us and stars in new business video

April 13, 2012

Screen shot of DogWalkBlog website.This doesn’t happen every day. And, it takes a lot to get a mention in DogWalkBlog.

In fact, since Blogger in Chief Rufus Doggeti usually is talking truth and smack about people and issues on his mind, many of the dog’s subjects would rather not be subjected to what DogWalkBlog has to say. Read the rest of this entry »

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