Video for Your Business 1: Showing customers is way better than telling them

Meet Ron Harper, an award-winning producer and copywriter for radio, television and the web. Owner of Video on Your Website, Ron is also a voiceover artist who has worked with many Fortune 500 companies.

He has written and hosted a nationally syndicated radio feature, and co-wrote an episode of Laverne and Shirley. Ask him who’s funnier, Lenny, or Squiggy.

You’ll also want to ask Ron about ways video will help you show your products and services to potential customers. I’m sure you’ve got a killer sales pitch, well-produced brochures and likely an up-to-date website. Good for you. These are all the basics. But if you want to grab the attention of someone who’s checking you out. use video. There’s no better way to say hello and introduce yourself and your business. Video is not the same as being in the room with you, of course, but customers who visit your website can see you, hear you and size you up in 30 seconds.

Demo your products and services. Better yet. Show a recently completed job, or a before-and-after view of the work you did for a satisfied customer. Ask that customer to talk about the job you did. Introduce your employees. Tour your plant and explain how your equipment, tools and capabilities make your business the right choice.

Here’s the bottom line: we live in a visual world where we expect to video to show us anything and everything. Video is a more powerful way to tell your story. No, change that. It’s the way to show your story. I’ll let Ron pick up the story:

Why should businesses consider adding video to their web sites, blogs and social media?  

Ron: People remember only 20 percent of what they hear and 30 percent of what they see, but an incredible 70 percent of what they both hear and see. Not only is video an effective way to communicate, but you can foster trust and present yourself as the expert in your category. 

What can be shown with video? Factory and office tours? Company events? How a product works? 

Ron: All of that and more. Customer testimonials are very powerful. Q and A, staff intros, and videos on tips and trends from your industry will give the search engines something to latch onto. Some companies might even do well to produce a web series with characters and full blown plots.

How long should a video run?

Ron: Whatever it takes to tell the story. Studies have shown most visitors will sit and watch a video of up to 3:45.

And more from Ron, watch my interview with Ron.

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