Video for Your Business 2: Who do I put in front of the camera and what do I have them say?

Ron Harper, is back for part two of his tips for businesses that want to use video online.

Ron’s an award-winning producer and copywriter for radio, television and the web who owns Video on Your Website, Ron is also a voiceover artist who has worked with many Fortune 500 companies. If that’s not enough, he has written and hosted a nationally syndicated radio feature, and co-wrote an episode of Laverne and Shirley.

You’ll want to ask Ron about ways video will help you show your products and services to potential customers. Before you do, listen to this next video as Ron explains why there’s no better way to say hello and introduce yourself and your business than with video online.

Your business website can house video to demo your products and services. How about showing a recently completed job, or a before-and-after view of the work you did for a satisfied customer. One of the best uses of video is to ask that customer to talk about the job you did. Video’s a great way to introduce your employees, tour your plant and explain how your equipment, tools and capabilities make your business the right choice.

Here’s Ron’s bottom line: Show rather than tell. It’s the most powerful way to communicate about your business. Ron explains how it works:

Why hire a video professional vs. producing the video myself?

Ron: Chances are you hired someone to develop your website. A professional will know the best way to communicate in the medium.  Plus, they will have the right equipment. Lighting and sound are the two most important parts of video.

What’s a better approach — hire actors to appear in the video or as the business owner or leader appear myself?

Ron: Showing customers is way better than telling themThe reason video works is it makes the business more transparent. Use it to put a face on your business – yours. Let people connect with you and your business before they’re even doing business with you.

How do I decide what to say and show on the video?

Ron: Have a plan to build a video library and answer the questions your customers ask the most. Be helpful, not sales-y. provides more ideas, best practices and help to get you started with a video channel for your business. YouTube also offers lots of advice about how to tell  you story with video. Get the free playbook now. 

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