Why your business marketing plan should include social media to be heard above competitors

February 22, 2011

Chris Jensen, president of Audio Concepts in Bath, OhioChris Jensen has a simple idea that is really tough for many of us to pull off well.

“When 60 seconds just isn’t enough, podcasting is the innovative way to be heard,” Chris says.

He ought to know. He’s worked in radio and TV for years, and his business at Audio Concepts in Bath, Ohio, is to help businesses sound their best. Read the rest of this entry »

5 things you can do for your business to start the new year

December 31, 2010

Forget the best-of-what-happened-in-2010 lists and top trends to watch in 2011. I’m tired of remembering and forecasting. Let’s focus on five steps to take now to grow your business.Happy New Year 2011

Yes, 4 of these 5 tips are actions to do online. They are things you can do. Now. With little or no cost, except your time. So, here’s how to kick start the new year:

1. Tell people you exist. Otherwise, they won’t find you.

There are lots of ways to accomplish this with websites, blogs and social media but my must-haves include Google Profile for individuals and Google Places for your business; and the Local Listings Center on Yahoo and also on Bing. Read the rest of this entry »

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