What basketball has to do with your business and how you use social media

March 31, 2011

Twitter #UDrise Screen shot 2011-03-31 Here’s what I learned by spending the day on a college campus today, listening to college and pro basketball legend Bill Walton tell many of the smartest investment bankers and finance students how the lessons he learned in sports apply in their world.

The day’s lessons also apply to businesses that use social media to meet, connect and communicate with customers. Here’s how:

Walton played at UCLA for another legend, coach John Wooden, who Walton reminded the financial education conference participants, taught him that it’s never about how good a performer you are individually. It’s always about how good your team is.

The take-away for businesses is that they should not rely on one person to handle all of the duties on Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube and where ever else the company needs to reach customers and partners. Can’t be done, not if you want to improve, grow and attract more friends, fans and followers. Read the rest of this entry »

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