5 things you can do for your business to start the new year

December 31, 2010

Forget the best-of-what-happened-in-2010 lists and top trends to watch in 2011. I’m tired of remembering and forecasting. Let’s focus on five steps to take now to grow your business.Happy New Year 2011

Yes, 4 of these 5 tips are actions to do online. They are things you can do. Now. With little or no cost, except your time. So, here’s how to kick start the new year:

1. Tell people you exist. Otherwise, they won’t find you.

There are lots of ways to accomplish this with websites, blogs and social media but my must-haves include Google Profile for individuals and Google Places for your business; and the Local Listings Center on Yahoo and also on Bing. Read the rest of this entry »

Why waste time on social media?

April 11, 2009

At a networking breakfast last month, the owner of an engineering firm wanted to know why anyone would use Linkedin, Twitter, blogs or any social media in their business. He couldn’t have been any more blunt.

“Why the hell should I waste time on that?” the owner said.

My answer to him, and you, is just as direct. Don’t.

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Engage your customers

March 28, 2009

Join me on May 28 for Tech Friday with the Northern Kentucky Chamber of Commerce in Erlanger.

Learn how to listen and have conversations with your customers and people you want to be your customers. Learn what to say and when to say it on social media sites including Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin. We’ll show you how to use these powerful tools to join communities of other users and to build a new community around you and your business.

 Learn how to: 

• Watch and listen on Twitter to learn what customers are saying about your business, your products and what they want help with. Learn what information to share and when to talk about your business.

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